wtorek, 2 lutego 2010

Marxism = National-Socialism

'Multi-cultural paradise' rejects the tenets of classical liberalism and capitalism (the highest sociophilosophical achievements of the White Western Civilization) and replaces it with coercive cultural and economic Marxism, which claims there is no Truth and everything is relative, depending on the 'class' or 'environment' a given group or individual was raised in.
The so-called National Socialism is the Hegelian-Marxist doctrine where 'class' was replaced with 'race' or 'nation' - again, a collective term with no real-world correspondence.
Really, reading about 'the end of financial slavery' under National Socialism and having in mind the pictures of slave-labour camps, or factories run by subhuman Nazi officials, who replaced the former competent owners and managers, is a really gruesome twist of irony.
Anyone endorsing some mythical National Socialist paradise, where economic laws will magically disappear and people will experience some "true" happiness only because a totalitarian bureaucracy will command & control all activities (which is impossible, btw), making people virtually slaves to the whims of incompetent officials - is really a pathetic looser. We need not look further, than to European Union itself, which is modelled in a very similar style, with the only exception that it endorses the 'class' version of Marxism, instead of the 'racial'/'national' one.
Western Civilization can only be saved by the return to the real Western values - personal Liberty, private Property, rule of Law and a minimal government whose only function is to secure these individual rights.
It is the West contra savage Orient of collectivist masochistic ideologies.

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