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We created devil in our own image

A spontaneous burst of insight I wrote down at Sons Of Liberty facebook profile early morning:

Being a student and ardent follower of Austrian School of Economics for years now, I am in full knowledge of how modern banking system works, how central banks operate, and how economy functions (and how governments destroy it) is no secret to me. Let us just say that currently banks are like vermin - if we leave food unattended, the vermin come to feast while we aren't watching. It's just simple reaction to their surroundings, and it's in their nature to do so. Thus in the case of banks, they just feast on any profit opportunity, and we can't blame them. It's in their nature - besides, as anyone reading Ayn Rand can tell, profit is not "evil", it's a sign of a previously undiscovered opportunity in the market.
And the problem is that the best opportunity for the banks to make profit, is to lend money to irresponsible governments - because the latter do not worry about paying it back: we and our children will. And how these governments spend the money? Well, on buying us "free lunch". They literally bribe us with promises for which the bill will come due in some indiscernible future, and we are bought hook, line and sinker - nobody cares where the money comes from today, nobody cares where it will come from in the future. The big feast is now, let's take our part of the cake, etc.
That's the saddest thing - people empowered this whole scheme because of their own vanity. There needn't even have to be a secret cabal of banksters and crony corporations. It's the short-sightedness of people who lust for free lunches, quick gratification, unearned wealth. It is us who give sanction to all the robbers in smart suits who run the current system. In a classic feedback loop, the more we demand the undeserved, the richer and more powerful grow those who provide us with it. And we become slaves to our own wickedness and depravity, which put in power the wicked and depraved overlords - who are nothing less and nothing more than creation of our own desires.
We desired money for nothing? We got money from nothing.
We desired less work for more pay? We got ourselves a caste of non-producers which we must support.
We desired safety instead of responsibility? We got ourselves a totalitarian nanny state.
And the list could go on.
And it's enough to destroy any society, without any conniving shadowy cabals pulling the strings. We provided them with strings of our own weakness in the first place, that's the problem.

If I could point one book, which needs to be read and understood by people for them to stop feeding the beast, this would be ATLAS SHRUGGED by Ayn Rand, because it precisely pinpoints the fundamental issues which people need to understand in themselves and in their outlook on life; what makes them so gullible and why they fall to their own weakness, ending up as toys in hands of those who received their support - by moral default.

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