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Arguing on Stormfront

This is my post from Stormfront forum, where I argue for the existence of Israel as the foothold of Western civilization in a hostile anti-reason world of Middle-Eastern savagery.
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Fortunately, homesteading does not work along absurd "national" lines, or "historical" rights to lands. Palestine was a barren and desolate piece of desert, and when the Europeans came (of Jewish ancestry) in the late 1800, they erected a civilization this land knew not before. The savage Arabs became jealous of the Jewish prosperity and started flooding these Jewish-homesteaded (rightfully Jewish already, just as America is rightfully American, and not Indian) lands to snatch some of the pie the Jews baked.
That's the real history of Palestine, and has nothing to do with such absurd claims as "historical rights". The only right is the property right, high time you acknowledge fundamental natural law. And as Beduin nomads do not recognize property rights to land, they have no claim to Palestine at all.
Israel, although far too socialist to be considered a free country, is a vital part of Western civilization in this inhuman part of the world, and if America considers supporting Israel as a part of its policy of containing fanatic Islamic threat (the greatest threat to Western civilization since the Mongol invasions), then it is moral to provide military aid to Israel. And surrounding Arabic dictatorships would be no match for superior Israeli military might if it wasn't for earlier Soviet support.
The facts are: Israel is part of Western civilization. It is surrounded by people hostile to all aspects of our civilization and culture. If we lose Israel, we may soon lose Europe. Europe is by far the most hostile environment to Israel anyway, full of leftist-pacifist crap, so I'm afraid Europe has been long dead anyway.
And really, if Palestinians or other fanatics manage to overrun Israel, would we be more secure with Jihadists wielding atomic, chemical and biological weapons from former Israeli arsenal?

This whole anti-Israeli hysteria is just simply typical Jew-beating from troglodytes who completely disregard political philosophy, property rights and Realpolitiks.
Following your logic, it would be Americans who have no right to America, because Amerinds were here first. Or Afrikaners would have no right to South Africa, because some apemen were there first. So what if they did not recognize private property rights, they were first. That's your flawed logic of subhuman savage mind, which revels in collectivist circular 'reasoning'.

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