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continue on Arguing on Stormfront

I was "silenced" on Stormfront, even though I've been a long-time member, for my defence of homesteading principle during the debate about Israel.
Now I answer to this stereotypical reaction:

Not so hasty Mjodr. I was pro Isreal as little as two years ago and it is still something I wrestle with. I can't expalin why they are as evil as they are, but it is important to allow him here. Like me, he will never read about all the evil they seem to do against and he will never weigh that against the sunshine image the MSM paints if we start limiting people. We are suppose to be here to educate people and much in the same way I have learned what jews have been doing from you, he can also learn. I as a Christian have asked why, and theologically I have yet to be answered.

You all got it wrong. I've been "reawakened" as you call it since 2001, read most of the literature on the subject, and know all the stereotypical arguments. But I never blinded myself with dogmas and oversimplified black&white image of things, therefore I educated myself profoundly in economics and political philosophy. I prefer to use LOGIC and REASON, instead of immersing myself into subhuman troglodytism, and I hold the true values of Western civilization as the highest. Stupid dogmatism, stereotyped views and prejudices which fog reason are ANTI-WESTERN, and therefore, anti-white.
My point was, in defending the right of Israel to exist, to defend the principle of homesteading, which is the exclusively Western principle of morally acquiring property. Your bashing of Israel as "Jews stealing land from rightful Palestinian owners" (apart from being total bullshit from historical perspective), is undermining the right of AMERICA to exist, on the grounds that Europeans "stole" land from Indians. No, they didn't. They homesteaded unused land for themselves, by mixing their labour and erecting civilization among the wilderness. Jewish settlers did the same, as did Boers in Transvald, or Spanish settlers in Argentina for that matter.
So, if any self-proclaimed "White Nationalist" aligns himself with savage non-Western Islamists, who dream all day about destroying Western civilization and eradicating White race in the process, just for some Israel-bashing - then he is a fraud, not a real "White Nationalist". And these are the facts most of you seem to be blind to. And being blind to facts - is denying reality. Denying reality - is being anti-Reason. Being anti-Reason - is being anti-human, anti-life, ANTI-WHITE.

Now, as most of you are dogmatists with an obsession on the issue of race, and consider all Jews "non-white" (which is a complete disregard of physical antropology, btw), let me remind you, that one of the greatest Western philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche, kept underlining this fact: that among the greatest defenders and contributors to Western civilization, were the enlightened (de-ghettoized) Jews, who embraced the Western civilization with all their heart and mind, as the pinnacle of human progress and the only light amidst the darkness which covered rest of the world. At the same time, as Nietzsche brilliantly pointed, the reactionary anti-Western, anti-civilizational forces were aligned with fanatic Christians in Europe, both Protestant and Catholic, who endorsed absolute monarchies, total state, mercantilism, serfdom, technological stagnation and total submission of thought.
Really, there is no greater threat to the Western civilization, and to the White man, than the White man himself, who surrenders Reason and all the institutions of Western civilization (personal liberty, private property, limited government, rule of law) to the dark reactionary elements from the ignoble past, when Europeans knew no progress, no freedom, no prosperity, but a constant fear of a boot on their faces in the name of the church, the king or the absolute state.
I really hope this dismal thing of the past is not your ideal for a society, otherwise this so called "White Nationalism" is no different from Oriental despotism Europe was trying to defend from for millenia.
And as you can see, aligning oneself with uncivilized savages who hold total submission to God (Is'lam) as their highest ideal, is the most anti-Western, ANTI-WHITE thing you can do. So do the math.

One of the greatest White Nationalists of all time, John "Birdman" Bryant, would agree with me 100%, as he, just like my humble self, knew and understood what was Western civilization all about, and what it takes to protect it.


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