piątek, 6 maja 2011

Radio IRON special edition #4 (ENG) - Libertarianism as voluntary coexistence

Radio Iron, special edition. Radical Polish libertarian radio.

Hello. This is Kelthuz speaking, and this is the first edition of Radio Iron entirely in English, for the broad libertarian international audience.
Yes, I am a libertarian. That is, a lover of liberty, a defender of liberty, the one who lives free and dies free.
The reason for this particular edition of my show, is the image of us, libertarians, among the enemies of freedom. There is a user on YouTube, called VampiressOnDaProwlq, and she seems to be some antilibertarian troll, leading a pack of trolls, set for total harrying down of liberty lovers on the internet. Her main point against us, is that (I'm not making this up) libertarians are passive-aggressive sociopaths, who need to learn, that they have obligations and duties to our society, and cannot and may not be left alone by the coercive apparatus of the total state, I mean - society.
Well, if it doesn't sound like a Hitler speech, then it surely sounds like a Stalin speech.
Let me then assure you all, who are worried about our psyche, that lovers of liberty are definitely not passive-aggressive sociopaths. We, on the contrary, do not invoke aggression against our neighbours; we do not wish them to be forcefully associated with us against their will; we consider it immoral to take away people's money, to fund bureaucratic machine of forceful socialization of population; we are a peaceful bunch. We rely on voluntary association and voluntary contracts; we do not seek refuge from the society; far from that - under libertarian order, society is blooming, as people are not prodded around by bureaucrats and politicians forcing their government projects on them, but they act according to their own wills, desires and dreams. You are not wiser, you are not gods, you cannot plan our life for us. We need liberty and secure private property, so that we can follow our own paths. This is the civilized way. this is the way of a rational and progressive society. Not the law of the gun, the law of force. Force never works, it can never bring prosperity and progress. Only unfettered human action, driven by profit, a rational self-interest, can enhance every individual life. Every one of us has a different set of values, and no government bureaucrat can quantize them to fit into some rigid bureaucratic pattern or form. So there is no possible way for a forceful intervention to increase welfare of everyone. Only through the market process can each individual follow his own set of values to reach them, through the coordinating environment of market signals, prices, and cooperation with other participants. It is the invisible hand - but the results are visible to everyone. It is the crux of human action - we act only if we consider our current state unsatisfactory, and we want to change it for the better. To do it, we need the freedom to act, and the market environment to coordinate our action with other people, through the informative signals produced by the market - profits, losses, prices, namely: economic account. The enemies of freedom usually say, that this is filthy materialistic reasoning, and we need to think in other terms than money. But let me assure you - if we drop the monetary accounting, drop economic thinking altogether, then there is no way that an advanced economy would make it possible for every individual to follow his values. Why? Precisely because his values are subjective and cannot be articulated to other human being without the help of the market process. The only thing left is: either good will of the others, or sheer force. Good will has limits, and two people unknown to each other cannot be forced to be benevolent towards each other, especially when there are high stakes involved. How can you insure a contract, based only on good will? So the only alternative would be force - setting one group of people against the other, so the vanquished ones would do the bidding of a new master race. A return to barbarism. And this would be the result of non-materialistic, non-economic, non-monetary way of approaching human civilization. The way of the barbarian - is the way of the socialist. Never forget that.
And by socialism, I mean every form of collectivism, and every form of government based on aggression, that is - contradiction of libertarian, non-aggression principle. Taxes, regulations, democratic form of forcing laws upon the individual, draft, wars, tariffs, etc. - it is all aggression against the sovereign individual. This has to stop, unless we value our civilization no longer. Then there would be nothing else to do, than to KILL OURSELVES!

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